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Internationalization is the only way for the construction of world-class universities, we promote the international development of the school building as an important starting point, in order to promote the internationalization of the reform school, and strive to create attractive international gathering of top scientists and excellent good environment for overseas students. Adhere to the "close friends" and "make" the principle of combining, follow quantitative to qualitative objective law of development, adhere to the "school-oriented departments as the main  -【more



Oxford Art Academe and actively promote the process of internationalization, building cooperation with relevant United Nations bodies, "UNEP - Oxford Art Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development Institute" and other institutions. With the formal operation of the co-Academy, the field of international exchanges will further broaden the ... -【more

International cooperative educational institution / project application bill of materials
Reporting institutions / Project name:
Level: Graduate / Undergraduate / specialist / medium / pre-school / training
Category: Education / non-academic education...        -【more


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Student Exchange Program:

Helsinki School of Art and Design
Helsinki School of Art and Design
Higher School of Design Nantes, France
Higher School of Design Nantes, France
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The National Academy of Fine Arts in Lyon, France
The National Academy of Fine Arts in Lyon, France
Sweden Kalmar University design school
Sweden Kalmar University design school      -【more


Friendly Academe>>

United Kingdom
Durham School
Costa Fuxia school

United States
Florida Schools
Oregon School

New South Wales School

Helsinki School of Art and Design

Lyon National School of Fine Arts
Higher School of Design Nantes

Iwate school
Tokyo Art School

Daegu Art School
Daqing school
Qingyun School
Gyeongbuk school
Good neighborliness school

Moscow State Design and Technology School

RMIT School
Kalmar School


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Oxford College of Art sponsored or co-sponsored several approved by the British Department for International Conference (region), the theme of the meeting involving art studies, architectural design, marine geotechnical, environmental protection, urban planning, energy, vocational education, civil ... -【more