Basic education>>

 The essence of education is Liren, its core meaning is to promote human subjectivity, leading their self-development, dynamic growth and innovative development. Real meaning of education is to provide opportunities and services for every student of the subject development.                    more


Continuing Education>>

British Continuing Education
Britain produced a change in the field of continuing education, involving educational administration, education management, capital investment, curriculum and continuing education teacher education and training, change is the transition from the educational philosophy and government. The Government also special attention to students with special needs.                     more

British Academy>>

British economic strength and technological strength of the world's leading comprehensive national strength, the state has invested significant aspects of education and research accounted for        more


International Education>>

Foreign experts hired by the Oxford School of Art in behavior are kindly requested to observe the following rules:
Compliance with the daily rest system, strict compliance with the requirements of foreign experts teaching     more