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Beatriz Milhazes Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1960, now lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

Bitelizi Mira Seth always indulge in her paintings and collages at home in Rio de Janeiro's carnival elements and folk art color decorative pattern. Her work has been ongoing with hyperactive crafts patterns, Baroque themes, as well as pop culture to form a distinctive logo canvas tropical colors.

Indifference to like petals, rosebud, peace sign, pearls, butterflies, lace tablecloths, the use of these decorative elements, constitute the characteristics of her early paintings in the 1980s, and since then the work becomes progressively structure Mira Seth more explosive, and states with strong explosion and burst concentric decorative floral, more like a hallucinogenic colorful palette.

Works such as (2006) has been extended to the scale of the landscape, accompanied by a circuitous biological tendrils, like a balloon and drift across the canvas superimposed circle. The overall effect is similar to when people point the residual image after you stare straight sun vertigo.

In contrast, the Mira Seth collages is built on a loose by the flattened candy wrappers, chocolate trademark, or stripes or grid from stores around the world gathered in the shopping bag constituted like open structure. She likes these discarded simple graphical design and, as there is no difference between these contemporary commercial market products and modern abstract.

In the process of collecting fabric model, flattening wrinkles trademarks, or plastic decals collage on canvas, the Mira Seth product combines the public, at the same time, the works of art still lose touch.


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