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    Carlos Garaicoa
Trade Name: "No way out"
Materials: wooden table, wire, rice paper lamps
Location: Scottish Museum of Contemporary Art (Irish Museum of Modern Art)

The artist's recent works exhibited sculptures, installations, drawings, videos and photographs, covering the construction and urbanization, politics and history, narrative and human culture and other topics. From the early 90s of last century, Calais Asia will proceed through various forms of high art media to criticize the practice of modernist utopian architectural and urban ideologies of the 20th century collapse.

Carlos Calais Wisage currently lives and works in Havana and Madrid. His works have been exhibited in the world's major art galleries and arts festival. Since the early nineties, Calais has been engaged in high-Asian research on how the interaction between people and the city. Participation and performance art from his early cities, to large sculptures and imaginative lighting models later, he found a path to the expression of contemporary art and society to focus on the road.

In his works, the artist with the city building constructed to reproduce the hustle and bustle of the past history, lays out a real and amazing Cuban image. It means he employed, whether public participation or with a specific piece of sculpture or photography, are trying to create a public works directly into the atmosphere, it works not only on the authoring environment made sharp Thinking , but also is a kind of wisdom for re-interpretation of the status quo, and sometimes even a protest.

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