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MurakamiTakashi,February 1, 1962 was born in Japan. He studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Was born in the last century, 60 years after Japan's most influential artists in one, not only in Japan, is a widely loved artists, but also a new generation of young Japanese idol.

2008, Takashi Murakami celebrated his glory days - as the only visual artists on the list, "Time" magazine rated as one of the year's most influential figures. The reason for this definition, perhaps because of his style of art to bring people feel such information. Whether elegant art, vulgar art, pop art and other categories, are only the art and not the other. In some ways, similar to Murakami with Warhol, use of popular culture and image material for sale to collectors. But the difference is that with the latter, he also opened up a bigger market, such as the works printed on T-shirts, posters and even on top of mobile phone accessories. When asked whether across different fields of art and commerce, Murakami answer: the Japanese are willing to accept such a mixed culture of art and commerce, in fact, they are powerful and elegant art of Western arrogance of the privileged class was shocked. In Western society, the arts and business mixed mode is certainly very dangerous, because there is the risk of people throwing stones. But that's OK - I have to wear a helmet.

This mode of operation is undoubtedly a combination of art and commerce is not new, but as Asian artists, can be recognized by Western society, is not an easy task.

British newspaper The Times held a discussion on Murakami "Tribute to Bacon" works comment activities. Activity interesting place is acceptable anyone evaluation, it is described: We are not looking for art historians and scholars, regardless of what you think, we all want to receive. We will select and print part of your comment, with comments by our experts, published in the June 30, 2009 the second edition of The Times.

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