Information   ◎Recruit students    Tutor/Professor  Shinji Ohmaki
Born in 1971 in Japan.

"Some things have been destroyed at the same time something new was born. I just wanted to show this change, and that symbolizes the process cycle and the eternal life."

Large stretch heir is a kind of people? Large said he was in high school and they had a road after graduation is very distressed. Although the decision to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, but do not know which subjects should enter good. Then go has directed his known Japanese contemporary art represented by Yoshitomo Nara consultation. "Three-dimensional feel." "Nara teacher discipline which I should read better?" "Roll What do you like?" "Then you can learn carving." After this speech and Yoshitomo Nara conversation, Large stretch heir decided to learn Sculpture. Carving professional learning that he mastered the "shape of feeling." In his published works, we can feel vaguely that "the shape of feeling."

2008 summer, Large stretch heir finally found a long-awaited concept can leave the place. That is a personal exhibition in Shanghai Bund 18 Creative Center organized, in which the work "Echo Infinity" won the people's attention. With edible red paint on the white carpet depicting a flower garden is to attract attention of the audience, because the consumption of red paint with the artist's creation is probably no to those individuals only before or since a large volume one.

In the fourth floor of the Bund 18, when the elevator door slowly away coral, little candlelight behind the silhouette is stationary, the staff said please wait and then enter. A white channel, the ground littered with little colorful petals, geometric petals, like the girls to wear the dress. Several people have come out, the next batch of visitors can enter to visit. Hall, in addition to the warm light, only white walls and pillars, if not on the ground of these geometric petals, really can not step up, that's the dream? Soft white wool carpet like texture, with flower petals from sparse to dense, the path open to a blossom. Starting from a central origin, followed by waves of color and ornamentation, silently. These flowers precisely the theme of the exhibition, the artist Roll stretch heir world, a sea of ​​flowers is his inner world of another exit. A week ago he stayed the night in this room, starting from the center of the natural mineral powder sprinkled on the white carpet, drawn into the petals look. Little by little spread to four weeks, slept twenty-three hours a day, when the screen gradually limited his space, he just in the middle of a small steel on thin foot, bending painting. Crouch closer look, because it is the color of natural mineral powder, it is bound to eventually collapse, will shift shape, color will be chaos, it would dilapidated. At the moment they are also a reflection of the light spot drops, and before long will be a blooming. But that's what the artist wants to get the outcome, our feet as he completed a destruction or rebirth, soft and quiet.

Why eat red it?
"First of edible red security. In fact, we usually dedicated to raw materials such as watercolors are made with toxic materials. I work in the case of audience participation to complete. So I do not want to use a highly toxic material. When considering What material can be harmful when people think of eating red. "But in Japan selling edible red pigment only two companies, one in Saitama another in Osaka, with a limited budget to purchase a large number of rare edible red so that the company can not Large stretch heir immediately agreed requirements. Roll over a week to daily company tried to convince them, and finally sell the company was impressed by his enthusiasm, Jumbo has been the creation of the desired edible red pigment. The colorful flower garden spectators red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc. are free to walk around. Perianth worn, the outline did not, and even the shape of flowers are visible. Large stretch heir but said: "Some things have been destroyed, while the birth of something new I just wanted to show this change, and that symbolizes the process cycle and eternal life.." After this work has aroused attention and won its sixth in 2003 to commemorate the Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award Special Award.

In another set of installations Large stretch heir, the "space" plays an important role. "After seeing the exhibition space, the first consider how the audience would move. For my work, it is also a creative audience. I think the space is constantly changing." Solo exhibition in Shanghai before the start of the pre-inspection tour of the Large Hall Space. "Light viewers walking on work time (time now) and the oldest building of the wall reflection (elapsed time) integrated in the same space together. I imagine such a space" before the exhibition began to accept interview, Roll said.

Difficult to find, Large heir to stretch the concept of art often appears "space" and "Man" these two words. "Art is not only to show to everyone his own world, but also his world turned into a stage (space) to lead the people into." Thinking inspiration from the usual, but from previous years, only three hours a day Large sleep. "Creation is not really kept a good thing. Artists need more time to relax at exhibitions abroad, it often will drink drink dawn has so often come up with new inspiration. The artist or the need for adequate time. " 3 sophomore in college when Jumbo believes the future will be the age of Asia. Of course there are reasons he is Japanese, but he says as an "Asian Artist" will continue to actively engage in the creation. Hopes to work with China and other countries, artists increasingly high enthusiasm of Large stretch next heir will take us into what kind of world?


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