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      Julian Schnabel,Born in 1951, American artist, film director. His first film "Silent Scream", a painter yet - Michel Basquiat · biopic. The second work, "before nightfall," describes Cuban poet Renato Arenas's story, this film made Schnabel self-guided. The third film, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," so Schnabel won the 60th Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Award for Best Director Award, Academy Award Nominee for Best Director, can be said Schnabel most successful works.
Schnabel Milestones
October 26, 1951 was born in Brooklyn, New York City;
In 1965 the family moved to a small town in Texas Melville Brown;
1969--1973 年 read the University of Houston, Bachelor of Fine Arts;
1973 allowed to participate in the Whitney Independent Study Program, she moved to New York in the summer;
Back to Texas in 1975, lived for eight months; started using composite materials;
1976 in Houston, Texas Museum of Contemporary Art organized the first solo exhibition;
1977 participated in a group exhibition gallery Niuyuesuoluo door, exhibited "doorman Jack (Hell's season)," This painting was later attained the status of "first achieved painting"; and
1978 exhibited five paintings gallery in Dusseldorf, Germany in December, the first work to use a new "plate painting" techniques;
February 1979 and October, Schnabel at the Mary Boone Gallery held two solo exhibitions, critics praised the Schnabel's work is "return to painting", caused a big discussion with the aim of painting the future;
April 1980 exhibition in Boone Gallery, the first exhibition in Munich Galerie Bruno Bischofberger. Venice Biennale; Jean Kerry Steve Oman Museum in Basel organized a solo exhibition of Schnabel, and Moscow and Robert Weitz and Susan Rosenberg, a group exhibition organized together, called "three New York Artists' 1981 tour to Frankfurt Museum of Art;
April 1981 while in Boone Gallery and galleries Castries 14 paintings and 9 drawings. Held in Cologne, Germany, and New York's Whitney Biennial "Western Art", while in London's Royal Academy of Art participated in the "New Spirit of Painting" large-scale group exhibition, the exhibition Schnabel is the youngest painter;
1982 Venice Biennale and Berlin's "Spirit Exhibition"; in London Anthony Dauphine (Anthony d'Offay) to participate in a group exhibition galleries;
1983 in Amsterdam National Museum 30 paintings, organized another exhibition at the Tate Gallery. Whitney Biennial in New York to participate again; participate in Dusseldorf, Germany Museum of Art's "Today in New York," a group exhibition and the "New York New Wave Spanish Madeliwei Museum of Las your support;
1984 and Arne Gelimuqie and Niuyuepeisi galleries cooperation;
1985 trip to Australia and began collecting wood sculpture from Papua New Guinea;
1986 created the "Boyce's tomb" sculpture. Participating in the exhibition in Munich;
1987 creation of "recognition" series of paintings featuring them on the monastery ruins Carmen Seville, Spain, and later in Basel Museum of Art. Published his autobiography "nickname Master D of CVJ and other life Digest"; held in major European retrospective: Whitechapel Art Gallery in London, Nicolas 塞洛塔 curatorial; exhibited by the Dominica Pompidou in Paris · Pozzo curatorial; also on show in Dusseldorf;
In 1988 a retrospective exhibition at the New York Whitney Museum of Modern Art USA, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts;
1989 Roving major retrospective of works on paper in Basel, Nîmes, Munich, Brussels, Edinburgh and Chicago; in Cologne to participate in "Painting controversy" exhibition. Hold painting, sculpture and works on paper Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Prato, Italy; organized exhibition held in Malmo, Sweden, and Basquiat;
1990 creation of the greatest works Schnabel: Untitled painting series, size 670x670cm; hold the first sculpture exhibition in Niuyuepeisi gallery; 16 bronze sculptures placed on top of the hill Moritz Sweden, the Galerie Bruno Bischofberger planning;
1991 created a large series of works about Kamon Concordia (Olatz Lopez Garmendia a Spanish actress, Schnabel wife) is. Whitney Biennial in New York to participate again;
1992 Schnabel also use a photo as a painting on the elements of his works on paper;
1993 in Berlin, London and the Royal Academy's "20th Century American Art" group exhibition;
In 1994 a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Monterrey and Mexico City;
1995 exhibition held 30 works of Miro Foundation in Barcelona; Schnabel wrote and directed "Basquiat" (also translated as "Basquiat") film;
1996 "Basquiat" at the Venice Film Festival. He created 12 paintings; a retrospective exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy. Araya organized in collaboration with fashion designer art and fashion show in Florence;
1997 created a painting on a smooth resin plane portrait series, after a year in Spain, the Guggenheim Museum, the first exhibition, then returned to New York on display;
1999 Schnabel filmed the second film, "Sunset, before";
2000 film won the Venice Film Festival in 2000 and the Volpi Cup Award; the film won the best actor Javier Bardem an Academy Award and a Golden Globe nomination;
2002 began writing "big girl" series of paintings. In the gallery exhibition in New York and Los Angeles; and a childhood friend Herbie Frankie together created the first surfboard sculpture. With the 24x20 Polaroid camera created a series of photography;
Held in 2003, painting, sculpture and photography exhibition in Edinburgh. In Niuyuepeisi galleries "New Indian painting and sculpture";
2004 Gian Enzo Sperone planning Cardi & Co in Milan, Italy, an exhibition gallery. C & M Arts gallery at 22 West Street, New York Dia organized a bronze sculpture exhibition space. Frankfurt, Madrid and Naples have been held "1978 - - 2003 Painting Exhibition";
2005 C & M Arts Center in New York organized a "1978 - - 2001 Part Painting Exhibition"; Munich, Germany Sabine Gallery in "large-scale painting" exhibition. In cooperation with the New York Mitchell-Innes & Nash gallery Colnaghi Gallery in London organized a "follow the Old Masters" exhibition; Robilant + Voena Gallery in London organized by "21st Century Paintings" exhibition;
2006 Houston, Texas McClain Gallery Painting Exhibition held; design furniture, lobby and public space for Gramercy Park Hotel;
2007 Houston, Texas McClain Gallery held the "paper work" exhibition. Live shooting the third film "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" in Paris; in Santa Ana warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, Los design and director Reid "Berlin" concert; in Rome, Milan, Spain held "1977--2007 Year Exhibition "; curated by Gian Enzo Sperone and Marco Voena. Held in Germany Deurne Castle "Recent Works Exhibition", Rudy Fox foreword; exhibitions in Beijing China Millennium Monument. Exhibitions in Hong Kong, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery; exhibitions in Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art.
Schnabel lives and works in New York and Long Island and San Sebastian, Spain.

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