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Martha Rosler,He born in 1943 in the United States Niuyue Bu Lu Gelin.

Rossler works by female perspective with the public as the center everyday. She was concerned about the wide range of topics - from the media to the war, the building to the environment, to housing, the streets and transportation systems. In 2003, she participated in the Venice Biennale in 2004, took part in the Liverpool Biennial and the Taipei Biennial, is a regular on the international exhibitions. Ross's creative forms from video, photography, text, installation, sculpture to conduct very comprehensive and diverse. She also teachers, a certain reputation in the international arena.

1970s, Rosler has created more than women in the more classic video art works, such as: the 1975 work "kitchen symptomatology" (Semiotics of the Kitchen) let Rossler get women in the field of art and video art Many agree. Length 6-minute video is seen as a mockery of the traditional role of women in modern society. Rossler is shooting a video shows a very blunt cooking show, the lens being observed to her kitchen supplies, from the letters AZ, Rossler from time to time after the introduction of a violent action on these items.

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