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Martin Creed Born in 1968 in the United Kingdom Wakefield, grew up in Glasgow, he studied arts. In 2001, he won the coveted Turner Prize many artists. A lot of people think he is a conceptual artist, but he does not think so. As for what the reason is, we try to learn from his work to find it.

Naming works
His work has a number, which he started in 1987 decided to do so. This is nothing special, particular, his work is often name specific nuanced description of the work itself, such as:
No. 88 works, an A4 paper crumpled into a ball (a sheet of A4 paper crumpled into a ball);
No. 159 works, there are things the middle of the wall, (Something in the middle of a wall);
Works No. 200, a specific space where half the air Half the air in a given space;
No. 812 works on paper flag strokes Marker pen on paper;
No. 309 works, a torn paper A sheet of paper torn up;
No. 264 works, two wall projections Two protrusions from a wall.

This is the Tate Museum Duveen commissioned projects. Content of the work is that every 30 seconds, Creed on the arrangements for the young sprinter who ran full speed Gallery, Tate's that time to the audience, every 30 seconds you will see a man quickly ran the new Tate Gallery neoclassical gallery, like them on time like clockwork, until July that year ran from November.

Creed did the original intention of this piece - Running is a dynamic thing, to quiet asleep quickly to inject a bit of vitality museum is a good thing. A sprinter who volunteer to participate in the organization said that this is a people abnormal cheerful works. The curator of the Tate Gallery Stephen Deuchar evaluation is very academic, he said it was a simple and lyrical works.

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