Information   ◎Recruit students    Tutor/Professor  Mark Tansey
Born in 1949 in California, is a factor in the introduction of the concept of painting, whereby art phenomenon or a social phenomenon to reflect artist representative.
The main material used by him is monochrome illustration painting or sketch. Usually a deliberate "realism" of the look. But he strenuously denied that they are "real" reality.

His paintings often show those "impossible" events, such as a group of plein painter (French Impressionism of a nineteenth-century, focusing on outdoor painting, the direct use of outside light painting, representatives of Bastien - Lepage Bastien-Lepage), is a busy scene depicting space shuttle launch.
Tansey's "realism" presents a "paradox" of the state in the works. Shuttle launch transient with realistic painting carved contrast, strokes, and the picture of the body tells the true story of "untrue" contrast, these are usually subject logically wrong or confusing. Tansey conscious emphasize and highlight this point, so that the center of gravity of the screen from "realism" to "ideas."







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