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Mark Wallinger Born in England in 1959, Essex Che Will. 1977--78 years at Essex Lawton Academy, 1978--81 years studying the Chelsea School of Art in London, then in 1983--85, studied at Goldsmiths College, London. 1995 won the Turner Prize nomination in 1998 Henry Moore Fellowship of the British School in Rome, in 2001 participated in Berlin DAAD International Artists Programme, and represented Britain at the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001. Wallinger now lives and works in London.

Featured Exhibition
Arts and Crafts Museum, Brussels, 1999;
Tate Liverpool, 2000;
Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2002;
Lieenbahe Stedelijk Museum, Munich, 2003;
National Gallery, Berlin, 2004;
卡里诺吉尔 Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico City, 2005;
National Gallery in Prague, 2006;
"In the name MARK", Carlier Gebauer Gallery, Berlin, 2010;

Important group exhibitions
"Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi collection of works", London, Berlin and New York, 1997--99 years;
Fifth Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, 1997;
And the 2005 Venice Biennale;

Mark Wallinger's early works reflected his left-wing intellectual tradition by British influence, he hopes his work should have wide appeal. In 1995, the Turner Prize exhibition, his work combines painting and video content is based on his consistent interest in horse racing metaphor British enthusiasm for class rank and Breeders, and works using real race horse, extension The concept of the championship, was named artists as a "real art" [Real Work of Art, 1994]. Even from a more general sense, his work is also in the identity of the late 20th century England: the myth of its history, tradition, etiquette, and social systems, made a humorous irony.

Later works Wallinger more attention moral and philosophical issues, especially religion and death. He has also been William Blake (William Blake, Notes: (1757-1827) Famous British poet, painter of the Romantic literary representatives,) effects. By developing its own concept of words and visual vocabulary - the ones he considers most important theme of Western philosophy, he extended the interest and concern of philosophy. He often used a mirror, and it features dual effect and the illusion was fascinated. Artists use this theme, beyond the scope of irony, creating a more far-reaching implications of his work.

In the "Gate to the kingdom" [Threshold to the Kingdom, 2001] this works, the artist photographed the passenger exit of international flights to London City Airport achieved. He will re-edit the video side and and slow motion playback, changed this small but fairly representative of the dramatic events. In this changing, Wallinger so that those visitors who looks as if moving into "heavenly kingdom" - Great Britain's door. This short film ironically expresses the hope that the final piece of the British paradise, as well as the entrance of immigrants and travelers who want to cross the dream was strictly guarded. Dubbing this work is also a very important part, from famous classical musician Gregorio Al-Gray created Psalm51, make work more ironic, with a strong sense of grandeur. This piece also explains the voice sound to the artists - visual works to bring the action.


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