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    Simon Procter He grew up in a small mining village in northern British industrial area, learning the fine art for many years, until recently was a sculptor and painter.
When he name a variety of odd jobs in Paris, a chance, he met New York's famous "Vision" magazine creative team important one. He was hired doing a somewhat dangerous job a hundred feet in the air to shoot a "Dior" show. From the beginning, he shot his first fashion photographs.
Soon, his fashion photo is selected "V" magazine, and participated in by the "Armani" and "Prada" sponsored exhibition at Colette's. Ultimately, Karl Lagerfeld selected his works in his 7L publishing company.
Today, Simon continued his unique artist with aesthetics as "V" magazine, "Japanese fashion" and "New York Times" take a lot of photos, each with characteristic fashion.
Simon now lives and works in Paris, New York.

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