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Simon Starling ,Born in 1967 in the United Kingdom Surrey, British famous young conceptual artist, in 2005 he won the British Turner Prize. Simon graduated from the Photography Department of the Nottingham Trent Polytechnic, followed by still Glasgow School of Art student. Fame has Tabernas Desert Run (2004) Shedboatshed (Mobile Architecture No 2) 2005.

2005 Turner Prize winner Simon Starling, I have not known him before a friend told me mention Shedboatshed, that pieces of wooden huts become Boats change works, Simon Starling will 一幢 the old wooden cabins dismantling, then These timber built a small wooden boat, along with the rest of the wood support is attached to the boat down the Rhine River from scratch, it has been designated to the Basel Art Museum, the boat removed, the original construction of timber reply tattered wooden house. Present heard this piece damn let me speechless worship, and later learned that other works and the exhibition site through the Internet, can only say that an artist Wu classic love this, this photograph will be printed because of the bezel When the spiritual leader of the day on Gongzhuo Qian three worship.

"To talk about my work, I want to be my thinking presented specific ideas" Simon Starling said (similar in detail how I can remember), I am most interested in is the physical transformation process in which a poetic works inside , Simon Starling's operating practices are all too real in the physical level practice, but sticking point is that the selected objects and practices through these elements of material and shaped configuration of just the title of "a poetic transformation process" as the completion of a mission, it must be reached by crossing its own goal set up their own games for their play, really have enough fun. In the Turner Prize exhibition site where there is another piece Tabernas Desert Run, transparent framework placed with one with the modified bike with a cactus watercolor, file behind the event is as follows: 2004 Simon rode his own conversion The bike had crossed Spain Narayanan located Tabernas desert portion, and there is a bottle filled with hydrogen bearing on this modified bike, a process in which the device will collect oxygen in the air, to produce water and hydrogen gas after riding 66 kilometers back in the studio, those gathered in the desert water out, then use the water to paint a beautiful cactus watercolor. A very bizarre incident, a bit like a hierarchical linear development process, virtually exudes a certain elegance, a poetic and a little natural charm


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