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Thomas Demand  Born in 1964 in Munich, he lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Thomas form of photography with the real world game, however, he wisely between photography and reality and to maintain an appropriate distance.

The image of his works, mostly still life scenes and indoor furnishings. These images are mock-color cardboard elaborate. His wonderful works, "Grote (Grotte) 2006" is said to make a full two years.

Diman De does not regard himself as a photographer, will use his creative way, as a kind of real-world translation conversion mode, or is staged process to replicate the real object. He does not consider himself as a model maker, since these models are only hints of the real image, they are not being exhibited, and after taking a picture, they will be destroyed.

However, "imitation" real objects become Diman De works at the association between photography and modeling of both. Moreover, this imitation of reproduction make the viewer's attention had free. Diman De suggested that "Photos provided an exact image of the information you need to watch, and then the image information is in front of you disintegration separated."

He deliberately emphasized this by alluding to the public's image, imitate or copy the media has been widely disseminated, and practices established between our visual consciousness entrenched well-known events of the crime scene or news photos and reality Relationship vulnerability.

These are usually the kind of ratio of 1: 1 model of imitation, by the removal of the original detail and focus only on the surface of the original object of the substance on its own way, to imitate the prototype has been simplified and extraction.

In works, who appears only as traces left, when his work involving current events, a feature that has become particularly intense. Such as work, "Klaus (Klaus) 2006", an imitation of the site occupied by the German media a few weeks of child abuse have the suspense. "Embassy (Embassy) 2007" show was raped scene Niger Embassy in Rome. Here, the war in Iraq to defend the CIA files were stolen.

 Photography activated compiled a photographic memory of the mass media, and at the same time maintaining a certain distance with these creative images.

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