Information   ◎Recruit students    Tutor/Professor  Teppei Kaneuji
Born in Osaka in 1978, currently lives and works in Saitama.

Kim Teppei use all sorts of different tactics to reveal invisible phenomenon, blurring the outline of things. He tends to use COTS products in the works. Although these everyday objects themselves are very complete, he puts them as they can be organized into a new form of material fragments. In the decomposition of the familiar items - stationery, maps, musical instruments, cosmetics, advertising, toys, dolls and plug even plastic bottles - after which he will reassemble these items, to create a new, sometimes just like the outline of organisms items. At the same time, he gives these items a solid rhythm and thick texture, so they can be organized endlessly. Even if he uses a variety of different production methods, but he has the same goal is to show invisible phenomenon, completely destroyed the things separated boundaries, link them, giving them the appearance of variable. These can be considered to protect and extend the concept of freedom of a series of attempts.

In the installation "splash and fragments", the Kim Teppei wood, wood products, driftwood, wood-like materials, construction and waste materials, mirrors, a magnifying glass, binoculars and other visual aids combination up and built a base. To accomplish this work, the artist object found at the scene to be added on top of this base

Kim Teppei works show a visual sense of mystery, dynamic and invariant blur the line between fantasy and real terms with. By using a combination of different impurities between collage mixed together, Kim "wanted to create a sense of the audience may have been seen before, but it felt very confused."

In the creative process, Kim will be known to the audience of some materials such as a combination of magazine clippings, plastic products and wood together to create a plastic art form still do not know how defined. These works stimulate the audience, they put the audience into a certain pleasant memories of the children's game, but also with a touch on some kind of rationality.

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