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Ulrich Lamsfuss  Born in Bonn in 1971, now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Ulrich Donald Fusco belongs to the German "Der Spiegel" described as "young thugs" generation of young painters.

This generation of artists borrow photorealism techniques, their artistic style cruising between the Post-Impressionist and post-expressionism. However, to make this generation of artists more closely link is: their common involvement in the media field, and will convert it to the form of painting.

In this, as in this generation "thugs" will not stop in front of any material. According to the rules of post-modernism, all materials have the same value, the same applicability, and the same conversion possibilities.

So, Donald Fuss painting subjects taken from different sources: magazines, movies, and often from the art world. Again, these "young thugs" of the art form is not just how unusual, after all, in this way by the "old villain" - Andy Warhol evolved.

It is in this spirit of "creating duplicate image" guidance, Donald Fuss produced a copy of his own work. His sophistry asked: "Who says you can only draw one piece?" And, with this idea in 2005, he exhibited several pieces of similar paintings in the exhibition in New York and Los Angeles a "pet of Sound" It works. At the same time, he claimed that this replicative form of painting, he is in the works to create a similar slow playing video screen.

But this unbridled sophistry did not affect the quality of his work. When Donald Fusco photographically realistic depiction of Escada fashion series of ads photo (2006-2007), he led the discussion on the product of a photo copy machine and hand-drawn works of a personalized painting.

But his wanton ways that often are visible to work "all poultry" (2006), for example, he drew a lot of chicken, and the chicken are arranged according to the size of the order, which is furnished chicken and Escada fashion series model is no different. Thus, Donald Fuss this possibility to find the best model for the co-production is quite funny the way groups.

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