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Yuichi Higashionna,Born in Tokyo in 1951, currently lives and works in Tokyo.

First, the history of the reception described his work:. "My job is often to combine the daily lives of ordinary items such articles is that we Japanese, many of the so-called 'fanshii', a term derived from the height of Japan to Western culture admiration. "

"Is called 'fanshii' article is said to be odd (neither the West nor Japan), tacky, feminine air and low interest. Living in Japan, I am very familiar with this type of fanshii items But I never liked. In my opinion, from Freud's sense, they even have some strange (2). For me, difficult to describe their incredible place, but it is in I am the author of the works is a motivating factor.

"When I learned about Freud 'strange' explanation, I completely fanshii impose things from my shackles were freed, but I'm interested in now, it is in a more positive way to this' strange 'into my work, in the context of humor or pornographic manifested their specific, rather than a direct reproduction.

(1) Like "HelloKitty" such a role is a typical fanshii. But I was more interested in fanshii internal modifications, such as articles, or homes to be built with a flower pattern in the bay window decorated European-style cross-stitch curtains.
(2) Sigmund Freud, "mysteries" (1919)

East Onna dedicated Yuichi experiments arising in different media optical problems. This particular show is characterized by the installation from the inspiration and quirky ideas. Works included in all new chandelier and fluorescent display, and the rubber band and the other members combined painting and animation.

Creation history of the reception to bring people familiar yet strange feeling, he over-intense radiation light irradiation on a cheap round bulb, thereby create a large chandelier, to express the Japanese "fluormage "Cultural respect. There are levels of plastic mirrors and wood paneling promotes 70s wallpaper vulgar aesthetic. Fun history of the reception of those flickering light in a variety of palms, dividing space into people dizzy and then put them in the form of exaggerated mutual organic together.

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