Oxford Art Academe

     Oxford Art Academe, is located in the world's top universities - the British Empire, is a British set of artistic creation, art education and art research as one of the comprehensive art college. Oxford Institute of the Arts with the Ministry of Education, Research Institute, research projects and other branches. With the emphasis on art research and international art education, the school strives to build a system of arts and sciences by continuously innovating artistic teaching methods and adhering to both basic and applied research, serving teachers and students of different nationalities, different ages and different artistic fields and achieving diversification To influence. In art teaching and art promotion to enjoy an international reputation and influence, attracting teachers and students from all over the world, numerous artists to enter the Oxford Institute of the Arts as an ideal.
    Since the establishment of the college, it has received many art scholars from all over the country, and has held many international art training classes. Meanwhile, it undertakes the major art training programs entrusted by the British government departments, and has been cooperating with the US, China, France, Singapore, Italy, Korea, Canada , Japan and other countries of the educational institutions, well-known enterprises to carry out a wide range of multi-level cooperation. Oxford College of the Arts is rapidly developing into a distinctive international, high-level arts education and British cultural promotion center.