Oxford Art Academe of high-level scientific research, the creation of incentives (Trial)

     The essence of education is Liren, its core meaning is to promote human subjectivity, leading their self-development, dynamic growth and innovative development. Real meaning of education is to provide opportunities and services for every student of the subject development. Education is the foundation for the development of student life and the foundation for a lifetime of education.

To improve research, creation and quality of institutions, strengthening discipline, construction and development of degree programs, more than a high level of motivation research, creative achievement, promote school research, job creation level, the level to further enhance the academic status College, visibility and influence of the College of content development, combined with the actual college, are formulated.

Chapter I General Provisions

The first development of this approach is to establish a sound conducive to scientific research, creative development is conducive to talent, the outcome of the competition mechanism. Encourage teachers to actively declare the project, focusing on scientific research, the creation of high-level results.
Research within the meaning of Article II, the creation of incentives range is based on "the Oxford School of Art" as the first signature units, research projects, research results achieved (papers, books, etc.), research and creative rewards and important practical results ʱ??
Article research project to inform the competent authorities issued (contracts) as the basis, and be rewarded after the project finished.
Achievement award means "National Chinese core journals" (not including supplements, special issue) of not less than five thousand words on published papers (not including newsletters, abstracts, review, book reviews), monographs (excluding series, textbooks, electronic publications) and important creative practice results.
Research incentives to government approval documents and award certificates as the basis.
Article research, research, research award, the creation of incentives to be identical or similar to the original subject of the discipline in the field of professional research and I are engaged.

Chapter II and reward program

Article research, the creation of incentives for all college teachers, the introduction of individual reporting system, each academic year by the end of June by the first author of the first project leader, papers, books, and other works, the award-winning first person to complete, fill in the "High School of Art in Oxford level scientific research, creative achievement award returns "declaration, submitted at the same time 1 original results, each unit, each department and sealed, after the unit (department) is responsible for signature, unified submit research department.
Article research, creative achievement award reviewed once every school year, as a college research at the departments responsible for the scientific research management, writing the results of formal examination confirmed that hire experts to review, report dean's office for approval and publicity, publicity end After the Treasury unified bonuses. Research and Creation award process problems and controversies, the Academic Committee approval and, if necessary, Academic Committee may organize outside experts for review. To doubts raised during the publicity, research department responsible for the review and review.
Article College established special funds each year as the Oxford School of Art research, creative achievement award, funds earmarked, then the bonus balance carried over to the next school year cumulative.

Chapter III Supplementary Provisions

Article VIII of the same results have access to different levels of reward, only the highest level of standard award once, not repeated reward. Or dispute the results of the controversial suspension of incentives and projects, controversy or dispute to be resolved then, as the case whether the award. Fraud or violations are found, not incentives, bonuses and honors have been recovered, and depending on the seriousness given the necessary punishment.
Article IX of the incentives by the research department responsible for interpretation.
Article X of the date of this voluntary incentives from the date of implementation of the text.

Oxford  Art  Academe
May 21, 2015