Oxford Art Academe student research fund management approach

     To enhance students 'scientific awareness and encourage students to explore diligent in school, and actively create, speed up the training with practical and innovative ability of high-quality personnel, the college established the "Oxford School of Art Students' Research Fund." In order to regulate the application and management of research funds, are formulated.
One. Application conditions
1. Applicants shall be my graduate school in membership, this (special) undergraduate students (excluding student Adult Higher Education).
2. Applicants should have some relevant research experience and research accumulation, academic ethics compliance with organizational management and coordination capabilities and credibility needed to complete the project.
3. Each application project to employ a strong sense of responsibility, the teacher has the research capacity of the entire process of project implementation guidance.
4. Application for items such as a group form, there must be a clear group leader, responsible for the entire project implementation and management.
5. The project should study reported clear objectives and work step feasible, and must complete all the studies before the applicant's graduation.
II. Project scope
Students need to apply subject learning are closely linked to the profession:
1. Social desired application issues (including new products, new technology development).
2. academic ideas, content or design study, the method is unique in the humanities and social sciences and interdisciplinary research projects.
Third, the project program
1. The project application must be filled, "the Oxford School of Art Students' Scientific Research Fund project application", signed by the applicant specific comments by the host department, stamp before reporting.
2. The Research Fund to declare once a year, every year the first semester unified accepted by the research department, where the faculty by the students will fill out the application form unified reporting, late inadmissible.
3. After the summary of research at the Research Projects of Academic Committee decision.
IV. Project Management
1. Where an approved research fund project students, the project budget should be based on the rational use of project funds and the establishment of accounts for future reference, earmarking, personnel management, use of funds is subject to the project tutor consent, after the approval of research at the Institute of financial reimbursement process by use. After the end of the project work, project funding accounts in statement should be submitted at scientific research.
2. The use of funds: the cost of materials used in the financing of projects to test, out survey of travel, materials, equipment use fees, printing costs and project identification photocopying fees. During the execution of the project, if there are special expenses, research must be submitted for approval at.
3. Project undertaker should strictly implement the project mission statement, shall not be changed without the consent of the topics or research. The inspection and supervision of the implementation of joint projects undertaken by the research department and where the faculty. Project leader to assume primary responsibility for the completion of the project, research at once every six months to check on progress.
4. concluding scientific research papers generally, investigation (inquiry) report, adopted by the social product (production), and patents.
(1) Products (production) should generally be innovative and application value.
(2) Survey (consulting) reporting requirements realistic and complete and accurate statistics, thorough problem analysis, recommendations and opinions clear, feasible, words not less than 15,000 words.
(3) Paper requires a high theoretical and practical significance, and published in newspapers and public offering, words not less than 2000 words.
(4) Item concluding taken or the way the results of the assessment were identified.
5. Students do declare patents, and actively guide students in a timely manner as soon as possible to declare the patent.
6. After completion of the project, to be filled in by the project leader, "Students complete research report on Form", where the faculty instructor and sign the relevant opinions of the acceptance by the researchers concluded.
7. Due to objective reasons causing interruption or failure of research, shall be responsible for organizing the project instructor and participants to make a written report; as a result of irresponsible persons involved in the project, resulting in failure of the study, according to the circumstances, from faculty funds deducted dialed project for funding.
Sixth, the approach from the date of execution issued, is responsible for research and interpretation.

September 22, 2015