Oxford Art Academe campus practice base management approach

    In order to promote college production, learning and research combined with the development, to ensure that our students have a good place to practice, to further protect our hospital intangible assets, standardize the practice base outside universities approval, especially the development of this management approach.
The first established the Oxford School of Art campus practice base is subject to Department of the Ministry of the declaration, after college approved by the College of unity signed a cooperation agreement, authorization, listed. Any other individuals or departments outside I have no right to approve its own institutions practice base.
Article outside our college internship base approval in May a year overdue by no longer apply for approval this year, can be declared in the next year.
Article Practice Base Hospital will be listed after approval of a unified, unified signage designed by Academy production.
Article I College Practice Base outside a three-year review system, that our hospital campus practice base qualifications to conduct a three-year review, the review by those who continue to serve my training base outside institutions, not by those who cancel foreign internship I colleges base qualification.
Article I practice base outside institutions should bear at least three years after listing, every year at least once a student internship, any reason to refuse student internship tasks. Every practice is determined by the number of mutual consultation. Practice Bases for agreement expires, according to the intent and effect of the cooperation agreement can continue.
Article I practice base outside universities should provide internship site, utensils and other facilities during student internships. Our students use what they have learned during the internship training base expertise to make reasonable suggestions, product design, in order to achieve "mutually beneficial" purposes.
Article campus practice base inspection, approval, management is responsible for the Academy of Scientific Research.
Article VIII of the date of this management approach since the promulgation of the implementation, management approach prior to the release of various departments established practice base outside school need to re-register for approval.