"Thought of World History of Modern Art"
"Natural Form and Form of Chinese ink landscape painting"
"Generalized display design theory"
"Construction of three-dimensional data in sculpture and painting Application"
"Theoretical Study of painting color painting"
"Painting with light imaging study of the era of"
"Value and Application of Urban Art Design"
"The new technology of audio and video interactive media design and research"
"Ashkenazi violin original spectra"
"Dance Teaching and Research Mental Health"
"From the Movie Object to Subject"
"Narrative documentary video technology and aesthetics"
"Opera Talents Innovation Model"

Oxford Art Academe of Youth Research Fund Projects Results

In order to implement the main points of 2015 annual Academy, to further expand the connotation of development, the combination of local knowledge, expand international perspective, on the basis of "young researchers on the Oxford School of Art Fund project 2015 annual notice" (cattle Arts Academy word [2015] 32 No.) spirit of the document, the declaration has been completed, review links. In order to maintain a fair and impartial review of the Academic Committee to take anonymous reviewers, and ultimately the selection of the 22, and be approved.

Youth Research Fund project aims to develop and motivate young teacher research capacity, improve the overall level of scientific research in our hospital, security research and development along the orderly development of our hospital, in a good direction. Academy Youth Research Fund, will serve as a research project to cultivate college, by screening, priority declaration provincial and ministerial research projects. Approved project leaders hope the above mission statement seriously according to the requirements of rational planning, timely and orderly conduct periodic research to ensure the successful completion of the project.