Oxford Art Academe, is located in the world's top universities - the British Empire, is a British set of artistic creation, art education and art research as one of the comprehensive art college. Oxford Institute of the Arts with the Ministry of Education, Research Institute, research projects and other branches. With the emphasis on art research and international art education, the school strives to build a system of arts and sciences by continuously innovating artistic teaching methods and adhering to both basic and applied research, serving teachers and students of different nationalities, different ages

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Notice of 2015 Annual (UK) National Research Foundation Art project application announcement

The essence of education is Liren, its core meaning is to promote human subjectivity, leading---【more】

Oxford Art Academe of high-level scientific research, the creation of incentives (Trial)

The essence of education is Liren, its core meaning is to promote human subjectivity, leading ---【more】

Oxford Art Academe student research fund management approach

To enhance students 'scientific awareness and encourage students to explore diligent in school ---【more】

Oxford Art Academe of university research management practices

Chapter I General Provisions
The first order to continuously enhance research and innovation---【more】

Oxford Art Academe campus practice base management approach

In order to promote college production, learning and research combined with the development, to ensu---【more】

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Oxford Art Academe tutor class registration form

Oxford Art Academe registration form

OAA(China) micro-channel public platform

Cross cultural perspective of Chinese and Western Art

Comparison and study of the spirit of Chinese and Western art spirit